Best Udemy Courses: Learn Singing Online

Today, I am going to share my favourite (or if you want) the best Udemy courses for singers.


And if you are reading this blog post in January 2016, you are in luck.

Many of the courses are on sale!

Many people, especially vocal teachers, bash online singing programs and courses.

Their argument is pretty convincing: a singer needs individual attention geared towards his or her specific needs.

And it is true, we all learn in different ways and we all have different singing goals.

But what about people who cannot study (for whatever reason) with a private teacher?

Are they destined to never improve their singing skills and knowledge?

I don’t think so!

There are great advantages to learning singing online for those aspiring singers who are not within reach of private lessons.

Nowadays, there are many good online singing programs and courses.

You just need to know your goals and what you want to achieve. It also helps to know which products are good and which ones to avoid.


It’s not a secret that I am a “learning” junkie and I like Udemy online courses.

In the past, I reviewed a course about music theory for beginners (you can read the review here). At that time, I was looking for a fun and simple way to introduce my son to music theory and the Udemy course was a big help.

Since then, I have bought many other Udemy courses that I have been very happy with. For example, my last purchase was a Udemy course for my youngest son “Clarinet for Beginners”.   

For those who are not familiar with Udemy, here is a short introduction:

Udemy is a “market” for online learning. It is a platform that offers thousands of online courses in many areas of interest, including music and singing. It’s a fast growing store with online courses some fo which are very good.

You can check out their website right here:

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This is my list of the best that Udemy has to offer for singers:

Best Udemy Courses

Singing Lessons Online by Roma Waterman

Price $199.00

learn singing online

Roma Waterman is a singer and vocal coach who may be more known to Australian singers and TV viewers. She was a judge for the early auditions for the X Factor in Australia.

learn singing online

The first course by Roma, that I reviewed, is called “The X Factor, The Voice, Got Talent TV – How to Sing to Win”.

I didn’t intend to enter any such contests or any singing auditions but I was curious to see what kind of advice she gave her students to win auditions.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the practical advice Roma offered in this course. She shared some behind-the-scenes information that may be helpful to many aspiring singers. I also enjoyed her presentation style and the length of the course.

(So if you are planning to enter any auditions, not just the televised ones, I recommend this course. It’s short with practical tips.)

learn singing online

After my pleasant experience with this course, I wanted to see, what else Roma has to offer to aspiring singers and I bought her main course called “Singing Lessons Online”. And I was not disappointed.

Roma included information about topics that many other vocal programs skip: lessons about posture, breathing and resonance. Roma calls them teh three pillars of the voice.

Her teaching style includes a little bit of theory (which I find very valuable), demonstrations, exercises and homework practice.

In this course, she also offers information about teh anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanism (again, that is not a common part of many online singing courses).

And the final chapter of the course is a complete warm up routine with recorded mp3 and printable sheet music.

Click here to check out this course on Udemy.


Vocal Warmups for Great Technique by Robert Lischetti

Price: $125.00

best udemy courses

This is an unassuming online course by lesser known Robert Lischetti. He is a classically trained vocal coach who sang as a guest artist in opera houses around Europe. Now, he is a music educator who helps young singers to develop their potential (one of his students made it to the top 5 on American Idol).

best udemy courses

I really enjoyed this course. I was looking for a course with a good vocal warm-up routine and I found it!

Robert gives excellent and detailed explanations on how to do simple vocal exercises. Many singing courses don’t go into detail about how to produce basic sounds. This course offers all the details and demonstrations.

A very valuable course for new singers!

best udemy courses

It is a relatively short course that delivers what it promises.

At the end of the course, you are ready to use warm-up routines in a healthy and productive way. This course offers an 8 minute long warm-up routine you can use every day.

And of course, you can apply the knowledge learned in this course to other warm-up routines.

Click here to check out this course on Udemy.


Vocal Boot Camp: Increasing Your Range and Vocal Boot Camp: Riffs and Runs by Paul McKay

Price: $55.00 or $65.00 respectively

best udemy courses

These two online Udemy courses were created by a classically trained vocal coach, Paul McKay, who worked with many of the Music Industries leading producers, songwriters and performers. He uses high belted mixed and head voice sounds in his singing style. He uses an eclectic mix of traditional opera and more contemporary vocalization techniques.

“Vocal Boot Camp: Increasing Your Range” has 5 sections, in which Paul talks about three registers: chest voice, head voice, mixed voice. Paul shares his knowledge about these registers, what they sound and feel like. The course presents vocal exercises for each register and for bridging the registers to extend vocal range.

“Vocal Boot Camp: Riffs and Runs” is a course for more advanced singers. Paul introduces 5 versions of the pentatonic scale and offers several exercises to get familiar with them. Then he demonstrates the use of riffs and runs in a song. In the third section, Paul introduces non-pentatonic riffs and exercises to practice them.

best udemy courses


I recommend both of these courses.

Check out these courses on Udemy: Vocal Boot Camp: Increasing Your Range and Vocal Boot Camp: Riffs and Runs.


Belt Your Face Off: A Complete Guide To Belt Singing by Felicia Ricci

Price: $118.00

udemy course

I admit that I have not bought this course. However, I have bought some other products from Felicia (or Fel) that included parts of this online course.

Fel is one of a kind! She is a sweet and dedicated teacher who puts her heart into her courses.

belt your face off3

And she knows what she is talking about!

This course offers a lot of material about breathing and resonance that are the secret ingredients to belting. Four hours of materials in 36 lessons. 

belt your face off

I highly recommend any of her products. She is an energizing, motivating teacher to learn from!

Check out this course on Udemy.


What to do now? Learn Singing Online

  1. Visit the Udemy website by clicking here.
  2. If this is your first time visiting Udemy, sign up for a free membership. Click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner. Enter your name, email and password or sign up with your Facebook account. If you have a Udemy account, log in.
  3. Browse the Udemy courses. In the upper left-hand corner, click on “Browse Courses” and find all of the courses for singers under Music – Vocal. Use the search bar or simply click on the links provided in this blog post to get to the specific course.
  4. Buy the course.
  5. Start taking the course and BE AWESOME!


IMPORTANT: Always always ALWAYS do your OWN due-diligence before making any purchases, whether I recommend them or not. Never, EVER purchase anything that you cannot afford. Many people don’t do anything with the products they buy. So don’t be one of them!

Before you go, share this page with anyone who wants to learn singing online or may benefit from this information. Thank you!