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How to Breathe When Singing:
Most Common Questions about Breathing and Singing Answered

Many singers, new and experienced, ask me questions about breathing and to breathe when singing

Questions such as “How to breathe when singing”,“How do I improve my breathing” or “Should I breathe through the nose or the mouth”. 

So I decided to answer 16 of those questions in this blog post. If you have a question about breathing and singing, I think you may find it on this page. 

A schoolmate of mine inspired me to write this blog post. She was a student who constantly asked questions in all our classes. First, I was annoyed but then, I realized that it was very convenient to sit beside someone who asks all the right questions.

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Breathing and Singing: 13 Myths about Breathing Busted

I often receive questions about breathing and singing from my readers.

Many of these questions show that singers are often in the dark on the topic of breathing and singing. They often do not have a clear picture of what breathing looks and feels like during singing.breathing and singing: 13 myths about breathing busted

My goal for this blog post is to get a better understanding of what is going on in your body during singing so that you can build your singing skills with proper technique.

In this blog post, I am busting 13 very common myths about breathing for singing. For example “You need to work hard to get the air in” or “The diaphragm ‘supports’ the sound.”

Anatomy of Breathing for Singers Made Easy

Anatomy scares some people, including singers. But how do you want to improve your voice if you don’t know what your instrument looks and works like?

anatomy of breathing for singers made easyIn this article, I am going over some anatomy and physiology of breathing. But don’t worry. I made it as easy as possible.

Why do you need to know what muscles you use for inhalation? And why is it important to know how to exhale?”

You don’t need to know all the anatomical details but you should know enough about your body, your musical instrument, so that you can have good understanding of what is happening in your body when singing. 

Breathing For Singing: Why Do I Need to Learn This?

We take our first breath at birth and since that moment, we breathe without paying too much attention to it.

Day in and day out.breathing for singing why do i need to learn this

We breathe when we sleep, we
breathe when we are awake, and we breathe when we speak.

So why on earth do we need to “learn to breathe for singing”?

Some people will even try to convince you that a singer does not need to learn correct breathing for singing. They say, “It will come naturally.”

But don’t be fooled. It will not come naturally.

Best Music Streaming App: How I Listen to Music

Apple is known to have turned the world upside down when it introduced many of their inventions. One of them was the iTunes Store in 2003. best music streaming app blog post

And they did it again last year in 2015, Apple introduced the streaming service providers, such as Spotify.

Have you changed the way you listen to music?

I still remember the times when I recorded music on cassettes and listened to music in this way. And I still have a drawer full of CDs. A few years back, I experimented with streaming services.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about Apple Music and why I think that it is the best streaming service there is (at least for me).

51 Singing Quotes That Inspire the Singer in You

Let’s start the New Year with a look back at what inspired us last year:

51 Singing Quotes of 2015singing quotes

As you may know, I have a Facebook page Katarina’s Singing Room, where people, like you and me, share ideas and tips for singers.

Last year every Friday, I posted some inspirational singing quotes by famous and less famous people. Quotes relevant to singers. These posts were very popular.

Therefore, I put all of them here on one page. Great amount of inspiration on one page!!!

It’s true: many people love quotes and I love singing quotes!

Best Udemy Courses: Learn Singing Online

Today, I am going to share my favourite (or if you want) the best Udemy courses for udemy courses

Many people, especially vocal teachers, bash online singing programs and courses.

Their argument is pretty convincing: a singer needs individual attention geared towards his or her specific needs.

And it is true, we all learn in different ways and we all have different singing goals.

But what about people who cannot study (for whatever reason) with a private teacher?

Are they destined to never improve their singing skills and knowledge?

I don’t think so!

23 Effective Memory Techniques for Singers: How to Memorize Lyrics of Songs

Why did I decide to write about memory techniques for singers?

I think this scenario may be familiar to many people:how to memorize lyrics

You found a new song that you love and you decide to sing this song at your earliest opportunity.

The song is not too difficult. You have heard it many times before. You have listened to it maybe a hundred times. You’ve sung along to the song on the radio many times before. And you also have sung the song while following the lyrics on paper.

Time to sing the song with only the accompaniment.

You get stuck on the first verse. The lyrics don’t come to you. You try hard but still nothing.”

What happened?

I have decided to write about memory techniques for singers because I am terrible at remembering song lyrics myself!

I am (was) so terrible that I had to do something about it and now I am going to share with you 23 actionable tips about how to memorize lyrics easily and fast.

The Secret to a Successful Singing Practice

There is a very crucial part of a successful singing practice. Do you know what it is?

This article reveals the secret to becoming a better singer.singing practice

This topic is often not discussed in online courses, books, CDs, DVDs, and private lessons. Teachers and students somehow assume that they know what to do exactly to achieve the end goal.

Learning to sing is a process of discovering your vocal instrument and your body in order to use it more efficiently and freely.

This article offers insights into singing practice and six tips to make it successful.

Vocal Health: An Ultimate Guide

Vocal health is something that many people take for granted. And singers are also included in this group of people.Vocal Health and ultimate guide

We use our voices on a daily basis but only a few of us really know how to take good care of the vocal cords.

Usually, we start looking for information about vocal hygiene, common voice problems and quick remedies once it is too late.

Sadly, amateur singers and beginners often take the health of their vocal mechanism for granted too.

I would like to think that professional voice users, like singers, actors, teachers, lecturers, doctors, salespeople and many more, know better. But the reality is that many of them end up with vocal injuries and chronic voice problems.

How to Choose the Right Song to Sing

How do you choose your songs? Do you sing a song simply because you like them when someone else sings them?choose the right song

This approach to choosing a song may not be the best strategy. There are a lot of criteria to consider when choosing a song – either for a performance or for practice.

This blog post takes you on a journey of how and why to choose particular songs to sing. You want to showcase your voice, right? Why would you do it on a song that does not suit your voice?

This blog post will help you understand what makes a perfect song (if something like that exists) so next time, when it comes to choosing a song, you will know what to look for.

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