Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

“Can anyone learn to sing?” that is the question, as Shakespeare would say. This question has been and will be asked million times. Have you ever wondered why people ask this question? Why are you looking for an answer to this question? New singers often dwell on this question and they wonder if they ever […]

Questions About Lip Rolls Answered

Many new singers have questions about lip rolls. It’s one of the exercises that are included in many online singing programs and courses. Many vocal teachers claim that they help you sing high notes, move through vocal registers, smooth out your tone quality or avoid vocal strain. But are these claims true? What are they? […]

Easy Songs to Sing For Beginners

I often hear this question asked by new vocalists: “What are some easy songs to sing?” I am going to answer this questions right here. But before I give you a list of easy beginner songs to sing (contemporary and musical theater songs), let’s look at what makes a song “easy”. Also, I want to discuss […]

How To Sing High Notes?

Some singers are known to be very good at singing high notes. Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera are only a few examples. Do you ever wonder what they had to do to achieve such skills? Have you ever wanted to produce high notes like them? I have good news for you: […]

Time Values of Notes

If you want to read music, you need to know time values of notes. It means you need to know how long to sing each note. A half note takes up a half of a whole note. Two half notes last as long as one whole note. A quarter note takes up a half of […]