Dos and Dont’s of Breathing for Singing

Breathing for singing. A puzzling subject …

Is it really necesarry to learn how to breathe when singing?

Or is it a skill that just appears one day?

Is it a skill that solves all singer’s problems?

How do I really breathe correctly when singing?

There are hundreds of questions one may ask when it comes to the topic of breathing for singing. To guide you through this maze, I prepared an infographic with some important dos and dont’s of breathing for singing.

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dos of breathing for singing

DOS of Breathing for Singing

  • Do learn the anatomy and physiology of breathing.

It does not have to be hard. It can accually be fun! 

  • Find and maintain optimal body posture for singing.

This includes your body, chest and vocal tract posture. Open your throat when you start inhaling.

Learn more about optimal body posture here.

  • Do extend your ribcage in all directions when inhaling.

Create the 360 Ring of Breath. Don’t know what that is? Read more about it here.

  • Do relax the abdomen during inhalation.

This will allow a full descend of the diaphragm.

  • Do inhale quietly.

If you can hear your inhalation, the airway is not open enough.

  • Do lift your soft palate on inhalation.

Prepare your vocal tract for best sound production. To learn more about the concept of open throat, read this blog post.

  • Do gently engage your abdominal muscles to control the breath when singing.

That does not mean pushing your belly in while you exhale. It’s a gentle involvement that prolongs your breath.

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  • Do maintain the extended position of the ribcage during exhalation for as long as possible/needed.

This open chest position will help you manage your breath efficiently.

  • Do learn how to use your pelvic floor to improve your breathing for singing.

It’s very useful for more advanced and challenging singing tasks. Do drop (relax) your pelvic floor during inhalation and engage it during exhalation to create pressure in your abdomen (therefore control your breath).

  • Practice breathing for singing on a regular basis.

Contrary to the popular belief, breathing for singing is a learned skill that needs to be practiced.

donts of breathing for singing

DONTS of Breathing for Singing

  • Don’t push your belly in or out when breathing or singing.

Let the air do the work.

  • Don’t use shallow type of breathing for singing.

It’s laborious and inefficient.

  • Don’t lift your shoulders when breathing in.

It creates tension in your upper torso.

  • Don’t collapse your chest during exhalation.

Keep it open and up.

  • Don’t close your vocal tract when breathing or singing.

Keep it open and free for best sound production.

  • Don’t overfill your lungs with air.

It’s contra-productive and it creates tension in your body.

  • Don’t be rigid and stiff.

Rigidity is not desirable for singing.

  • Don’t hold your breath!

It creates tension and closes off the airway.

  • Don’t ignore the role of the pelvic floor for singing.

It is an advanced thechnique but it can help control your breath if done correctly.

  • Don’t strengthen the diaphragm by doing sit-ups.

It does not work.

  • Don’t skip breathing exercises for singing.

And here are all the dos and donts of breathing for singing in an infographic.
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dos an donts of breathing for singing infographic

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Happy Breathing!