Free Vocal Exercises for Singing

There are many great resources on the internet. Some of them are free, some of them are paid. You could argue that the paid resources are better just because they are paid but don’t be misguided. There are excellent free resources out there offering immense value to consumers. And I found one such resource. It is a program with free vocal exercises for singing.

Professional Vocal Warm Up

I found free vocal exercises for singers to improve your vocal skills called “Professional Vocal Warm Up” by a vocal coach, Eric Arceneaus who is also a recording artist and the founder of the Arceneaux Approach (AApproach) that you may have come across on the net. Currently, he is offering three courses on Udemy – two are paid and one is free. They all have been taken by thousands of students who give the courses highest marks. (By the way, Udemy is a marketplace for online learning and I am a big fan of Udemy!)

The free course with singing voice exercises consists of 7 lectures (videos) organized into three sections: Introduction, Professional Warm-ups and Bonus videos.

The Introduction section consists of one short welcome video. The following four videos in the second section walk you through some voice exercises from theory to practical execution. Each video has three segments (Intro, Coordination and Conditioning segments) to aid learning and understanding.

In the Intro segment, Eric explains why a suggested exercise is beneficial to a singer and which vocal skills are built with this exercise.

In the Coordination segment, Eric demonstrates the exercise, gives examples of correct and incorrect productions, talks about common problems and pitfalls.

Finally, in the Conditioning segment, you are able to practice the voice exercises along scales played on the piano.

What I also love about this course is that there is a downloadable material for some of the lectures in the form of audios (scales for both male and female voices) that you can use to practice the exercises on the go.

I like Eric’s lecturing style. He is very thorough and detailed in his explanations but relaxed and informal with a gentle sense of humor. He gives plenty of examples of how to do the voice exercises correctly, and he often demonstrates what not to do. He also addresses common problems that new singers may have, which shows his experience with his own students. He suggests practicing on a daily basis, even if only for 5 minutes a day.

vocal exercises for singing

Vocal Exercises for Singing

The free vocal exercises for singing cover the following topics: opening up the voice, increasing vocal range, improving vocal tone, strengthening the voice and releasing the larynx. In essence, these are not just warm-up exercises but they also develop and strengthen vocal skills.

The first lecture focuses on awakening your whole body and voice for singing. Several simple but effective vocal exercises for singing are introduced to reduce stress and eliminate vocal fatigue, such as yawning as a way of relaxing vocal mechanism and muscles surrounding it, gentle cough as a way to engage your abdomen, lip rolls to support relaxed sound production, and finally head, shoulder and body movements to release tension from the upper body.

The second lecture is aimed at lip rolls, a very common vocal exercise that reduces tension and vocal fatigue, warms up, and strengthens your voice. Eric promotes lip rolls as one of the safest ways to explore higher ranges. He uses great analogies and explanations to encourage learning.

vocal exercises for singing

The third lecture explores vocal exercises for singing that improve vocal tone and clear sounds without straining (for example “yah-yah” and staccato “uh-uh” exercises). These exercises focus on releasing the tension from the tongue and on applying an appropriate amount of pressure to produce sounds. Eric offers great explanations about the tongue position and its effect on the vocal tone. He again gives a detailed description of how to practice as well as what not to do.

The fourth lecture is dedicated to vocal fry, an exercise for strengthening the voice and releasing the vocal weight. Eric is a big believer in vocal fry and relies heavily on it in his programs to improve singing skills. He explains this technique and its benefits; he demonstrates proper use and common mistakes.

The two bonus lectures, called “Releasing the Larynx”, use a technique that is not very common. Eric uses reverse fry and reverse phonation (producing sounds on inhalation). This method is used in other singing programs (especially to develop high registers) but it is a new technique that has not yet been researched well. I, personally, do not have any experience with this technique and therefore do not want to comment on it. (I will admit I tried it a few times as explained and demonstrated by Eric in this course but it did not feel “right” for me so I abandoned it.) However, these bonus lectures offer great information about the position of the larynx and the body position for singing.

I believe that this free course with vocal exercises for singing is a great resource for singers who wish to improve their vocal skills. It offers a great deal of information and practical demonstrations. Eric, the lecturer, seems to be an experienced vocal coach whose knowledge is visible. He promotes healthy ways of sound production free of strain and tension.

vocal exercises for singing

But the best part is that these vocal exercises for singing are free! So if you are ready to do some voice exercises, here is what you do:

  1. Visit the Udemy website by clicking on any of the links/pictures in this post. They will take you directly to the Professional Vocal Warm Up page.
  2. Create a free membership with Udemy (it takes only a few minutes or less) if you are not a member already.
  3. Start taking the course and enjoy!

If the quality of this free course is an indication of the quality of all Eric Arceneaus’ courses, I am looking forward to reviewing one of his paid programs. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, check out the free vocal exercises for singing.

Click here to access the course.