Breathing for singing checklist

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how to improve singing breathing for singing

Did you know that voice quality is affected by the amount of air you inhale and by the air pressure you create under the vocal folds?

Yes, that is right!

The way you breathe during singing can have a great impact on your singing voice.

This page offers everything that you need to know about breathing for singing: from basics about body structures participating in breathing to techniques and exercises for developing good breath control for singing.

How to improve singing? Start learning about what it takes to breathe well for singing. 

singing infographics

Infographics are a very popular way to learn and discover new information. Our brains process information presented in picture form faster and more easily than plain text. Information in picture form is also more likely to be remembered than text alone.

Therefore, this page offers a collection of infographics, pictures, visual presentations and much more so that you can start learning and remembering tips about singing technique (Most Common Mistakes When Singing High Notes), advice about singing practice (The Key to Vocal Practice), fun facts about singing (Can Anyone Learn to Sing?), and much more.

how to learn to sing

Don’t have the time, access or money to train with a vocal teacher? No worries, you can still improve your singing.


Fortunately, there are a huge number of singing products, both free and paid, available to singers. Books, CDs, DVDs, online courses … and the list goes on. Some of them are good and some of them are not as good.

This page offers a list of my favourite products, ones that I use or used in the past. My reviews reveal all the pros and cons. How to improve singing? Check out this page and find out how to learn to sing today!