How to Learn Singing Online: Singing Success Review

When aspiring singers search for ways how to learn singing, most of them end up choosing either private vocal lessons in their immediate environment or singing lessons online. There are usually several options to choose from. However, many new singers do not have the means or access to a personal vocal teacher but still want to work on their singing skills and therefore, they turn to available online products. Virtual singing programs and downloads may be more convenient and less expensive than ongoing private lessons.

As I have written before in a previous review, I am very interested in finding out about the quality, pros and cons of some of the online training programs. I have written a review of Superior Singing Method (that you can read here). Today, I am going to look at a popular and prominent vocal training program called Singing Success.

I purchased this program almost a year ago but never had time to really go through all of the exercises in this program. Finally, I took some time and listened to every exercise, read the manual and watched some videos. And I have to admit right away that this training program definitely belongs among my favourite singing programs so far. In summary, it is very professional, informative, comprehensive, effective and valuable. Its content will satisfy new singers as well as advanced vocalists. I was very much impressed in many ways.

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Singing Success Website

When you first look up the Singing Success website, you get to a professionally designed page with beautiful graphics, efficient page lay-out, many testimonials (including testimonials from recording artists, studio producers and many more), as well as “before” and “after” recordings to let you know that this training has been successful for many singers.

Listen to Before & Afters

Today, the website offers several products, including Singing Success, Mastering Mix, Mastering Harmony, Mastering Vibrato and Top 7 Vocal Series. 15 years ago, Brett Manning, the creator of this training program started with one product that allowed aspiring singers to improve their singing at home. The Singing Success program is founded on the Speech Level Singing method (by Seth Rigg) but Brett Manning enhanced the system and built a powerful singing program. Brett is a well-known vocal coach who has worked with many famous singers and groups.

This systematic program became very successful and was sold in many countries around the word. Other training programs were developed to target more specific vocal skills such as singing in higher registers (Mastering Mix), singing vibrato (Mastering Vibrato) or singing harmony (Mastering Harmony).

But what is behind the facade of this website?


How to Learn Singing with Singing Success

When you purchase the main training program Singing Success, you receive or download 12 CDs with 17 audio lessons, one DVD with video tutorials and a workbook.

The 20-page workbook introduces you to basic concepts in anatomy and physiology of sound production, such as vocal cords, vocal registers, and body parts participating in creating sound when singing. The workbook then describes a breathing technique and correct body and mouth postures for singing. I especially like the pictures depicting correct vs. incorrect postures (interestingly enough, not many online programs show videos or pictures of correct and incorrect facial and tongue postures). Other topics such as nutrition and healthy habits are discussed in the workbook. A few pages also offer explanations of singing terminology.

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The program also contains 16 video tutorials covering common themes, including topics such as vocal fry, singing consonants, head voice vs. falsetto, singing practice schedule and many more. These 16 videos are just a small sample of what the program offers on their Youtube channel.

how to learn singing online

12 CDs with 17 audio lessons are the core of the program. This program is not a gimmick that will make you sound flawless immediately but it gives you the opportunity to work through series of exercises to improve your singing. It is completely up to you as to how far you will take it. This training is a systematic approach that has a starting point and an end point with many goals in between, such as extending your vocal range, smoothing out vocal breaks, singing without tension, singing on key, improving vocal quality and pitch, improving endurance and flexibility. One major plus of this program is its focus on developing singing skills without strain and with correct vocal technique, which is very important for avoiding vocal injury or development of incorrect vocal habits.

The first two CDs explain singing terminology by describing terms and using many examples. For example, when explaining falsetto, you get to hear not only the definition and description but also examples of falsetto in female and male voices as well as examples of falsetto compared to head voice. This is a great bonus, especially for new singers who may be hearing many of these singing terms for the first time. In this part of the training, ten of the most common questions are answered, such as “How do you fix a vocal break?”, “How do you increase power?”, or “How do you extend vocal range?” Finally, singing styles are introduced in a simple way with many examples.

The next six CDs contain exercises to improve vocal techniques. Each lesson has a few objectives. Here are only a few examples of such objectives: expanding vocal range, smoothing transitions, using less tension, lowering the larynx or improving vocal tone.

For every exercise, you will hear male and female examples of what the exercise should sound like. This is followed by a scale that you can practice along. These exercises are not super easy so you will be challenged. However, the program starts at an easy enough point that is suitable for new singers too.

I greatly appreciated that Brett and his assistants walk you throughout every vocal exercise with important tips and advice (e.g. what to listen for, what to focus on, what to avoid). This is important for beginners who often wonder if they are doing the exercise correctly.

Three CDs pertain to the development of music style, such as blues, R&B, pop, country, and gospel. This is a unique part of the program not found in other singing products. These exercises allow singers to explore different music styles, learn more advanced skills such as licks and runs, and further develop musicality. These exercises are suitable for advanced singers as they are more challenging than the first few sets of exercises.

Finally the last CD contains 2 original songs to sing along to, so you can practice newly acquired vocal techniques. They are arranged differently for female and male voices with enough flexibility so that you can make them feel your own.

The Original Singing Success Program

Cost of Singing Success

This program costs $199.95 US.

Yes, this program is one of the more expensive ones on the market but the quality of this product is also exceptional.

There are two payment options: two installments of $99.00 US or four installments of $49.75 US. There is a 6 month money-back guarantee.

However, this product is often on sale for $149.99 US (like it is right now). Also, sometimes the digital version of the program is cheaper than the physical CDs so make sure to check this option too. I bought the digital product and I had no problems downloading it or using it. It was fast and convenient.

The Original Singing Success Program

The Future of Singing Success

I have recently found out that the original Singing Success program may not be available for purchase in the very near future (only while quantities last). It will be replaced by an improved product called Singing Success 360 (SS360), which is a bundle of a few services with more and new audio lessons (including over 100 technique and style lessons) together with additional bonus video lessons that you can stream directly to your computer or mobile devices. The biggest difference from the original program is the opportunity to access an hour-long singing lesson with one of Brett Manning’s certified coaches (these lessons are expensive).

Of course, the new and improved program SS360 will cost more than the original program. However, right now it is on sale for $285.00 US, which is a fantastic deal, given the price of one singing lesson alone.


Other Perks of Singing Success

One of the biggest perks of this trainingprogram is its large group of followers who like to share their experiences and advice. Singing Success has a Facebook page with a huge community of singers (with over 38 thousand followers). Here, you can learn not only about the latest sales and promotions but you can also follow success stories, read quotes to encourage you in your learning, view videos of singers like you and much more.

Singing Success also has a Youtube channel with hundreds of free videos. This is a great source with singing advice for any aspiring singer. You don’t even have to purchase any of their products. There are no questions that have not already been answered on this channel. Just type in a few keywords in their search box and videos about the topic will pop up. I absolutely recommend this channel to anyone searching for valid answers to questions about singing technique, performance, practice etc. I have subscribed to this channel so I am notified when a new video is posted.

Here is one short video to give you a taste.

Singing Success also has an active forum, where new singers can ask questions. I have not explored this feature but it can be an interesting option for those looking for answers.


My Final Thoughts

This course is extensive, professional, and effective.

The program is a systematic approach to improving vocal technique. It starts with easy exercises and progressively gets harder and harder. The language is very easy to understand and the examples help understanding. Each lesson contains several exercises with a few goals. The audio tracks and videos are professionally made. The program is intended for all levels of singers, from beginners to advanced students. There is a huge community of aspiring singers who are happy to share their experiences and advice.

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The creator of Singing Success, Brett Manning, is a professional singer, who teaches what he does in his own singing and performances. This is documented in many videos and audio recordings.

I fully recommend any and every product by Singing Success.


IMPORTANT: Always always ALWAYS do your OWN due-diligence before making any purchases, whether I recommend them or not. Never, EVER purchase anything that you cannot afford. Most people don’t do anything with the products they buy. So don’t be one of them!


I hope this review was helpful to you. I will keep reviewing more singing products. Until then, this product may be the answer to “how to learn singing online?” for you.

Happy singing!

Wait! There is one more piece of information I want to share with you:

voicecoach appVoiceCoach App

In 2010, Singing Success launched an app for an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, called VoiceCoach (click here to see it in the App Store).

It is a miniature mobile version of the main program. The main purpose of this app is to offer a selection of common vocal exercises to warm-up and cool-down your voice as well as improve vocal technique with vocal exercises.

Every exercise from eleven available vocal exercises comes with a detailed description, explanation and a demo audio track so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. You can adjust pitch to custom fit your own vocal range as well as the tempo to suit your current vocal skills. Other app features include the ability to track time spent practicing and to create your own play lists.This app also has two warm-up and two cool-down exercises.

This app is user friendly with an easy to navigate interface. This is a good app to take with you wherever you go. There will be no more excuses for not practicing. And it all comes with a low price of $4.99 US!

VoiceCoach – Singing Success, Inc.