How to Learn to Sing: Reviews and Products

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This “reviews and products” page is for anyone who struggles to secure regular singing lessons with a private teacher or vocal coach for whatever reason. And there may be many reasons:

Are you saying that you don’t have time to take private singing lessons? (Who has time? Life has other priorities, right? Family, job, health …)

What about not having money to pay for private sessions? (Who has money? Private lessons can be pretty costly …)

And for some people, access can be an issue too.

I know all about these reasons.

But, do not worriy, you can still improve your singing.


Fortunately, the internet offers a huge number of singing products, both free and paid.

Books, CDs, DVDs, online courses … and the list goes on.

The trick is to know which ones are worthwile and which ones are not as good.

(Note: For the record, I want to say that having a private teacher or vocal coach is the best option. The individual attention and approach geared towards one’s voice is by far the most ideal choice. But I do not agree with some opinions that declare all other options dangerous. I, personally, could not take voice lessons in the past and nothing bad happened to me. However, I did my due dilligence. This is a page where I offer my insights from this “exploratory” period. And I hope it will help those who just cannot fit private vocal lessons in their lives right now.) 

This page offers a list of my favourite products, ones that I use or used in the past.

My reviews reveal all the pros and cons.

How to Learn to Sing at Home?

Check out this page and find out how to learn to sing with the help of some of these resources.

I spend a lot of time on the internet (yes, I am guilty of this crime!).

But I (mostly) have one goal in mind – I look for valuable resources for singers.

I am a curious person and I like to try things.

I have purchased, signed up for and tried every single “product” on this page.

I have tried them, I have used them, I have read them.

Then, I wrote reviews, in which I offer my honest opinions and recommendations. I am not afraid to point out both advantages and disadvantages of the reviewed products.

(Please, keep coming back as I will be adding more reviews and products to this list.)

On this page, you will find my reviews of these products. But before you purchase anything …

Please read my “Affiliate Disclaimer”: From time to time, I promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale that are not mine. My recommendation is ALWAYS based on my personal belief that the product and its author will provide valuable information or service. This is based on a review of that product, and/or a previous positive experience with the product. In some cases, I will be compensated via a commission if you decide to purchase the product based on my recommendation. I use this commission to support this website.

IMPORTANT: Always, always, ALWAYS do your OWN due-diligence before making any purchases, whether I recommend them or not. Never, EVER purchase anything that you cannot afford. And by the way, most people don’t do anything with the products they buy, and therefore their results are zero.

So don’t be like them.

Free Resources for Singers

Free Sheet Music: Chromatik

Free Sheet Music ChromatikBuying sheet music for every song you sing can add up. Luckily, there is a website and an app that offer free sheet music for singers. These services have some great features. Make sure to read this blog post to find out how to get the free sheet music. More here …


Free Vocal Exercises for Singing

vocal exercises for singingIn this blog post, I am introducing a free resource with free vocal exercises for singing. It is a mini-course offered on a market with online informational products. I asked myself: “Can a free product be as good as a paid program?” I signed up for the free resource, watched and listened and evaluated. Find out what I think about this it in my review. Read Free Vocal Exercises for Singers …

Ear Training for Singers the Easy Way

ear training for singersAre you new to the topic of ear training? Well, this is an article for you. I am going to explain what ear training is, why it is important for singers and how to develop your “ear” to become a better singer and musician. Of course, I will reveal some valuable resources that I found on the “net” for you. Read more here …


Paid Resources for Singers

How to Learn Singing Online: Singing Success Review

how to learn singing onlineMany aspiring singers do not have the luxury of taking private one-on-one singing lessons. But they still want to learn or improve singing. What is the next best way to learn singing. Why don’t you try learning singing online. Be careful though! There are many singing programs available. Which ones are good? My review of Singing Success will help you decide it this is a good program for you. Read the review here …

Music Theory for Singers and Music Theory for Singers – Part 2

Music theory for singersI have written a two part blog post about an online course that I feel is very valuable for singers. I have enjoyed it tremendously but what is most important – I have learned a lot from this product. (By the way, I like the professor too and I think you will like him too. ) I am giving you a sneak peek into this course. Read more here …


“Your Body, Your Voice. The Key To Natural Singing and Speaking.”

Your Body Your Voice by Theodore Dimon

I have had this book for some time. Theodore Dimon, the author, explains how the voice works as a part of a total system of our body. Throughout the book, he frequently reminds us that focusing on only one or a few parts of the vocal mechanism in vocal training is unproductive. I completely agree with this opinion. To find out more about this book, read more here …


Song Recommendations for Beginners

Easy Songs to Sing

Easy Beatles Songs to SingI published a series of blog posts in which I reviewed many different songs. My goal was to compose a list of easy songs to sing for new and aspiring singers. All these songs meet the criteria of easy songs with relatively easy lyrics, rhythms and melodies. This series will grow over time, so check it out regularly.

To see the list of easy songs from the musical theater genre, read Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners. To see the list of  easy Beatles songs, click Easy Beatles Songs to Sing. To see the list of easy Halloween songs, read Top Halloween Songs to Sing.