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Infographics are fun!singing infographics

Infographics grab your attention because they are colourful.

Infographics help you learn and remember facts that may be boring if presented in other way.

Therefore, I use infographics on my website. I like making them and visitors like to share them (just ckeck out the number of shares, especially on Pinterest!).

So this page offers a collection of my best “singing infographics”. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

Note, you are more than welcome to embed these infographics on your website. The HTML codes will be provided under each infographic. 

Let’s get to it!

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Anatomy of Breathing for Singers Made Easy

This is one of my latest infographics from a popular blog post of the same name.

Click here to read the blog post. It has over 2000 likes and shares on social media.

I don’t want to brag about it but it shows you (and me) that singers want to learn more about anatomy.

And it does not have to be difficult!

I actually love anatomy and physiology so creating this infographic was a pleasure for me.

I hope you find it useful!

anatomy of breathing for singers made easy Embed this singing infographic on your website:

<a href="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/singing-infographics/" title="Anatomy of Breathing for Singers Made Easy" target="_blank"><img src="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/anatomy-of-breathing-1.jpg" border="0"></a>


The Benefits of Singing

By far, the most popular singing infographic on this website.

Reason? This infographic summarizes facts that singing is a fun and healthy way to live long!

Ok. Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit here but the truth is that singing is beneficial for both physical and psychological health. Just check out the infographic and you’ll see for yourself.

Click here to read the blog post about the benefits of singing.

Singing Infographic: Benefits of Singing

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<a href="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/benefits-of-singing/" title="Benefits of Singing" target="_blank"><img src="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Benefits-of-Singing.png" border="0"></a>


Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

This is a popular singing infographic too.

I created it to encourage my readers to take on singing.

Many people have doubts about their ability to sing. I used to be one of them (and sometimes I let doubts creep into my mind). 

Well, the reserach has a different opinion. Singing is a learned skill!

So the more you sing, the better you get at it.

I am not saying that you will be the next pop star. I am saying (and the research agrees) that everyone can improve their singing voice. And because you already know (from the previous infographic about singing) that singing is healthy, what are you waiting for?

Click here to read the blog post about learning to sing.

Singing Infographic - Can anyone learn to sing

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<a href="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/infographic-can-anyone-learn-to-sing/" title="Can Anyone Learn to Sing?" target="_blank"><img src="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Can-anyone-learn-to-sing600.png" border="0"></a>


How to Sing Well: Singing Posture

Singing posture is a basic skill that can have agreat impact on your voice.

In a well-aligned body, singing is free of tension.

A well-aligned instrument creates optimal conditions for sound production.

Here is an infographic that summarizes a well-balanced singing posture from head to toe.

If you want to learn more about singing posture, click here to read this blog post.

Infographic about singing posture: how to sing well

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<a href="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/how-to-sing-well-singing-posture/" target="_blank"><img src="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Singing-Posture.png" alt="" border="0" /></a>


Breathing for Singing: Why Do I Need to Learn This?

Many singers have questions about breathing and singing. 

They are not sure if learning about proper breath control will have any impact on their voice. Even though the relationship between the voice and proper breathing for singng may be obvious to many singers, it is still a confusing topic.

Therefore, I created this infographic that summarizes the benefits of learning about breathing for singing.

And yes, the way you breathe has impact on your voice!

Why do you need to learn about breathing for singing?

Check out this singing infographic and decide for yourself.

To read more about the reasons why you should learn about breath support, click here to see the blog post about breathing.

breathing for singing how is it different

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<a title="Breathing for Singing" href="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/breathing-for-singing/" target="_blank"><img src="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/breathing-for-singing-how-is-it-different.jpg" alt="" border="0" /></a>


Breathing and Singing: 10 Myths about Breathing Busted

Here is an infographic that summarizes 10 very common myths about breathing when singing. 

Singers often build their skills on myths and misconceptions: when everyone says it, it has to be true.

But it is not!

And some of the misconceptions can be detrimental to your progress.

So check out this infographic about singing and breathing. Also read this blog post where I discuss these myths in detail.

10 myths about breathing and singing infographic

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<a title="Breathing and Singing: 13 Myths about Breathing Busted" href="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/breathing-and-singing-13-myths/" target="_blank"><img src="http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/10-myths-about-breathing-and-singing.jpg" alt="" border="0" /></a>


Breathing Techniques for Singers

This infographic about breathing techniques for singers is one of my older infographics about singing. 

Recently, it has gained some popularity, so I am posting it here too.

It is a summary of my blog post about breathing techniques for singing. Enjoy!

singing infographic: breathing for singing

Bonus: To help you find out if you are breathing efficiently for singin, download this free Breathing Checklist. Discover what you are good at and what needs more practice. Click here to start now.

Other Singing Infographics

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