Comprehensive Superior Singing Method Review

I am very much aware that many (if not most) people who want to improve their singing voice, do not have the means or access to one-on-one singing classes. Fortunately, there is a huge market full of online singing programs and classes out there. These products may be a good alternative for aspiring singers who cannot use a vocal coach personally – it is a flexible option that requires only a computer or a tablet (and in some cases an internet connection). It is a cheaper solution compared to regular singing lessons with a vocal teacher.

However, it may be overwhelming  for new and inexperienced singers to navigate through this market to make choices that suit their needs.

Therefore, I am bringing you a very honest review of one of the online singing programs in a series of reviews.

There are several singing programs available to people who seek to improve their vocal skills. Some of them are more prominent in the Google search results than others. This may be due to clever marketing, better quality of the content, or both. And then, there are other singing programs that may not show up on the first page of the Google page.

I wanted to learn about the quality of these singing programs and therefore, I purchased some of them myself to experience them firsthand.

One of the first singing programs I bought was Superior Singing Method (SSM) by Aaron Anastasi who is a young singer and a vocal coach. He created his own comprehensive singing program using skills and knowledge acquired throughout the years of his own vocal training. His program uses some elements and terminology of the classical approach to singing. He claims that a long time ago, he was not a good singer having difficulties producing good tonal quality with limited range and vocal abilities. Today, his improved vocal skills are the result of the same approach he teaches in his Superior Singing Method.

Superior Singing Method review 2014


The Cost of Superior Singing Method

I purchased the program for $97.00 US. Compared to other comprehensive singing programs, this is a relatively inexpensive product.

Yes, it is relatively cheap compared to other programs!

At the time of the purchase, I could not resist the up-sale offer for $47.00 US (of course you have the option not to buy it) and added the “Superior Pro Bundle”, which consists of five additional products:

  • Superior Mix
  • Superior Tone
  • Superior Pitch
  • Superior 7 Vocal Exercises
  • Correcting the Top 5 Singing Mistakes.

Of course, you get life-time access to all these products.

I also succumbed to another up-sale offer for only one dollar, which included the Vocal Coaching Club for one month plus three additional products:

  • Superior High Notes
  • Superior Vocal Health
  • Superior Vibrato.

Note: the access to the Vocal Coaching Club is a monthly fee of $19.95 US after the initial trial month – read more about my recommendations here.

What is Superior Singing Method?

The Superior Singing Method program consists of video lessons, written materials and downloadable audio recordings.

The program is organized into 8 separate modules with vocal exercises prescribed for every day of the week with one day for vocal rest. Aaron, your vocal coach, offers one video per day, in which he explains a new exercise and reviews exercises from previous lessons (however, you can view more videos in one day if you are keen to learn faster). The videos are short and easy to understand giving you some basic information about why the exercise works and how it should be executed.

Aaron’s style is very informal and laid-back.

All videos (about 40) are under 5 minutes long (most of them around 2 minutes), which makes it manageable for busy people (like me or you). However, the key part of this program are 31 downloadable audio recordings of exercises (for both male and female voices) that give you the opportunity to practice the skills explained in the videos, together with Aaron’s “Superior Singing Manual” that provides background knowledge information (read more about it below).

I like that the Superior Singing Method prescribes vocal exercises for 8 weeks. It gives some structure to new singers who don’t know what to practice and how to practice. It also helps people who are not good at pulling things through or managing their progress without help. The pitfall of many new singers is that they do note have a routine of regular practice to develop their vocal skills. 

The exercises are organized from easy to more challenging. Your task is to work through the modules one by one, practicing certain vocal skills before moving onto the next set of skills. Aaron quickly shows you how to perform an exercise and he often gives examples of what not to do. Your task is then to practice the skill with the help of downloadable MP3s with scales, slides or runs.

The advantage of the downloadable audio exercise files is obvious – you can practice anywhere, even in places without the internet connection, like your car or on the go.

As I mentioned before, the videos are short. Sometimes too short and I wish that Aaron gave more detailed explanation for some exercises (especially in the last two modules). But you can find more information in a PDF document called “Superior Singing Manual” that comes with the program. It is a 124 page guide full of information about breath management, posture, resonance, nasality, vocal registers, vocal health and pitch. And again, the document is downloadable or printable so you can read it anytime and anywhere.

Click here to go to Superior Singing Method!

Superior Singing Method in Practice

The “face” of the member’s site has been revamped in the second half of 2014. When I purchased the program, it still looked tired and “old-fashioned”. I have to say that the new design was a good move.

(Note: many other reviews of the Superior Singing Method available on the internet are old and show screenshots from the old website.) 

When you purchase the program, you gain access to the member’s area. On the first page (see below), you see all the products that you have purchased. Superior Singing Method is the first product at the top of the page, which looks like this:

superior singing method


The home page of the Superior Singing Method program has three important components (see below).

1. There is a welcome video explaining how the program is organized.

2. Under the video, there are two links to the downloadable vocal exercises for male and female voices.

(My recommendation: download them to your computer even before you watch the first video.)

3. Finally, you have access to all the content (videos, audios and PDFs) for the different modules on the right hand side of the main page.

superior singing method

Every lesson page (see an example below) has the same three components:

1. The main video explaining a new exercise or summarizing exercises from previous days.

2. Below the video, you will find a list of suggested exercises for the day for both males and females.

The improved member’s area allows you to listen to the audio exercises just by clicking on the button of a suggested exercise, which will open a small audio player right on your screen (a connection to the internet is necessary). However, you can also use the MP3s that you have downloaded before (even without an internet connection).

A new element of the improved website is a set of progress bars: a blue bar shows you how much content you have covered within each module and a green bar shows you how much progress you have made overall (showed in percentages).

3. Finally, on the right hand side of the page, you will see the list of all the modules and exercises.

superior singing method


Remember! Your vocal mechanism has lots of muscles that you want to strengthen. Moreover, you want to develop muscle memory or vocal habits, which can be achieved only by regular exercise. If you fail to practice on a regular basis, this program or any other program will not work for you.


Eight Modules of Superior Singing Method

Module 1 Warm-up Exercises

The first module of Superior Singing Method offers the basics of warm-ups: what they are, why to do warm-up exercises and how to do them. Aaron builds up the exercises starting with the easiest – humming. Then he continues with lip rolls, “mum” exercises, “nay-nay-nay” exercises and “ooo” exercises. He uses 3 tone, 5 tone and octave ascending and descending scales or slides.

I like the choice of the exercises for this module. I think the exercises are effective and well organized. The explanations and demonstrations are easy to understand and sufficient for self-study.

Module 2 Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing

This module takes you on a journey through proper breathing and posture for singing. Six videos explain so called appoggio breathing technique and exercises to practice it. Aaron’s explanations are accurate and he taps into frequent problems in this area. His tips are practical and easy to understand. He uses exercises to build effective breath management, such as different types of breathing exercises using both voiced and voiceless sounds.

Module 3 Vocal Tone

This module of Superior Singing Method explains a very important topic that is often misunderstood by new singers: nasality and nasal resonance. Aaron gives basic explanations what it is and how to achieve a balanced resonance. I like the examples of correct and incorrect sound productions demonstrated in these videos that give you a better understanding of the concepts.

Aaron then prescribes vocal exercises to raise the awareness of the soft palate position, which is important for singing. He also talks about opening the throat by lifting the zygomatic muscles to create good resonance and pleasing tone. I only wish he spent more time on this topic as I feel it is an important and underused technique.

Module 4 Pitch

This module introduces you to some important topics such as vowel modification and breath management in higher registers (these topics are more advanced). The exercise of matching your voice to a given pitch by sliding up or down is a very useful exercise. Aaron also briefly discusses the reasons for pitch problems and how to solve them.

Module 5 Power and Resonance

Developing resonance gives a singer the ability to sing with power. Powerful singing has little to do with raising volume or forcing the sound out but more with using natural resonators to enhance the sound. Aaron’s videos in this module explain the importance of tongue position, tongue tension and tongue movement for good resonance. Exercises (such as tongue trills) give you practice at loosening the tongue tension and positioning the tongue tip behind your lower teeth. Aaron also touches on the topic of singing vowels and keeping the tongue in the correct position. Also, the issue of breathy and connected onsets is explained.

Module 6 Higher Notes & Mix

This module focuses on the production of good mixed voice. Aaron offers some examples of correct and incorrect productions of high notes and explains how to produce high notes in a healthy way. His explanations are brief but easy to understand. I like the video where he describes head and chest voice. Aaron also introduces you to plyometric vocal exercises (short burst exercises) and how and why they are used to build muscle memory for singing. Appropriate vocal exercises are chosen to achieve the goals of this module.

Module 7 Vocal Agility

Vocal agility is the ability to move from one note to the next accurately and smoothly.  This vocal skill is an advanced skill that is often overlooked by vocal coaches and other training programs. Aaron devotes one full module to improving vocal agility. The exercises are well chosen to improve your vocal agility. I wish Aaron spent time explaining the exercises in more detail and demonstrated them because it is a challenging skill. However, this module is a good introduction to this topic and gives new singers the opportunity to start practicing their vocal agility.

Module 8 Advanced Strengthening & Vocal Techniques

This module focuses on several advanced techniques, such as practicing vibrato and agility, extending vocal range, blending registers and others. Aaron gives a brief explanation of vibrato, when to use it and how to learn it. He also introduces new exercises to extend your vocal range and transition smoothly from one register to another. These are advanced exercises and more explanations and guidance would be beneficial to new singers. However, I like the variety of exercises presented in this module so you never get bored and can challenge yourself with new and hard exercises.


Module 9 – Performing

This is a PDF document discussing some performance issues, such as stage fright. Aaron gives advice on 18 pages about stage fright and how to overcome it. Several strategies are introduced to alleviate nervousness before performing, including mental preparation, development of good vocal habits, sleeping regime, appropriate song selection and many other strategies. Aaron relates to his own experiences and offers practical examples.

Module 10 – Music Marketing – A Primer

In this bonus, Aaron provides you with basic information about marketing and selling your music. It is a web page with a few paragraphs, in which he introduces you to the music market and how it works. He starts with some advice on how to record demo tracks and videos. Creativity, uniqueness and good songs are what counts. Then he suggests some methods to sell the music to your fans by building a community through social media. Aaron also mentions the phenomenon of the “purple cow” that makes you stand out from the crowd. He continues with publishing songs with iTunes that is easier than ever before. Playing and singing your music in front of live audiences is another way of making your name and music heard by people in your local area.

In summary, this page is a nice brief overview of where and how to start making money from your singing.

Superior Singing Manual

Superior Singing ManualThis is a 124 page PDF document discussing some common topics in singing, such as breath management, posture, resonance, nasality, vocal registers, vocal health and pitch. The document is downloadable or printable so you can read it anytime and anywhere. It is an excellent addition to the audio and video files. It is written in an informal way so it is easy to understand and easy to read.

The first part of the manual is devoted to the appoggio technique. Aaron gives lots of practical tips to establish, maintain and practice this classic approach to breath management. A significant portion of the manual covers the topic of breathing and correct posture for singing, in which Aaron offers good explanations of basic concepts and several exercises to practice the explained skills.

Other topics covered in the manual are the position and movement of the tongue for good resonance, articulating vowels, nasality, vibrato and falsetto. These topics are explained in details and solutions are offered to each potential problem a singer may have.

Aaron also gives some space to discussing vocal health and diet. He looks at vocal tension and fatigue in more detail and gives his recommendations. The topic of belting is also discussed. The last part of the manual is devoted to the pitch problems, in which Aaron identifies some reasons for pitch difficulties and suggests resolutions.

How to Sing Harmony with Nathan Chapman

This bonus is a new addition to the new website. It is a short video (around 5 minutes) discussing the very basics of singing harmony with Nathan Chapman, two time Grammy Award winner. It is a short introduction of the topic with some examples of creating harmonies for new singers.


The Pros of Superior Singing Method

In this section, I am going to describe the pros of this program. I used some testimonials from people who have already tried the program and discovered the program’s benefits. There are hundreds of testimonials you can read on the sales page or inside the member’s area if you wish but I have chosen the following testimonials because I can relate to them and I see similar values.

Here we go:

Gregg Getchell says: “Loving the course and the way everything is structured!”

The program is a well-structured training program. As I mentioned previously, I believe the program is well organized, which can be beneficial to many new singers who don’t know where to start and how to progress. The new look adds to its structure and organisation.

Ray says: “Hey Aaron, Just wanted to let you know I think your singing program is going to be great. I’ve gone over the complete outline of the singing guide and have just a few more modules to complete. No doubt you have to stay on course for guidance in learning to sing and always improving your voice. This platform makes it easy and inspires me to have a set plan that I can schedule each day eliminating thoughts of wondering what, when, and how to do it. Thanks!”

The program offers an easy to understand singing routine. There are suggested exercises for every day for 8 weeks, which is a helpful tool for any aspiring singer trying to figure out what to practice and how. There is a variety of exercises so you never get bored and you can challenge yourself in later stages of the training.

Amanda Ward says: “Hey Aaron! I just wanted to say thank you soooooooo much! This program is amazing! I am learning sooooooo much. This is perfect for shift workers and broke students:) I have spent a lot of money on private lessons and I’m learning sooooo much more through your program. It is such a relief!:)”

I believe this program is good value for money. This training is a good alternative to private lessons for new singers. I realize that many people do not have access or means to private lessons. Online programs like Superior Singing Method may be a suitable solution for them. Moreover, this program is flexible – you can practice at your own pace at hours that suit your life style.

MOHD SYAHARIL BIN MADLAN says: “Hi Aaron! I am now on day 7 and I have learnt a lot from the breathing management lesson 1. I have been singing for years (at least to myself lols) and now I am able to identify all things that I have done wrongly with my vocal with just a few lessons from your program. This is great!”

The program is a comprehensive and systematic program covering most important topics in singing training, such as developing correct breathing, posture, pitch, tone, power and resonance. Aaron Anastasi often offers demonstrations of correct and incorrect techniques that may be an effective approach for many students.

Zeke says: “Hello Aaron, I hope you’re well and having a good day. This is a superb course. I’ve gotten to day 10. It’s a long time since I sung at all, so it’s a bit like learning from scratch. It’s becoming more and more fun, as I see I can actually learn to hit notes and stay on tune, which gives increasing confidence and joy. So thank you very much for putting this together. Best wishes for the new year to all.”

The program builds confidence in your own singing through development of vocal skills. Aaron starts with easy exercises that may improve sound production fairly quickly if practiced properly. Progressively, he offers more challenging exercises to build more advanced vocal skills. The training, when followed as suggested, can help you improve vocal range, tonal quality, pitch accuracy and register blending.

Carole says: “Hi Aaron! I wanted to thank you for these lessons. I’m not very disciplined, but I managed to do the vocal exercises and warm-ups 4 times a week at least with my mp3 and I can tell it pays. I feel more solid and it’s like my voice is doing the right thing without me thinking about what I do when I sing. I just joined a new band and they’re impressed with my voice, so it gives me confidence. I used to take singing lessons in the past, but your method seems to work faster and better. Thanks again. Now singing is fun. Cos it used to be stressful. I don’t have to THINK anymore (the way I breathe, the way I place my tongue, am I on the right note…)”

There are 31 vocal exercises in a downloadable format so you can practice anywhere and anytime. I believe this is the most valuable part of the program. The key to success is regular practice and this program provides the right environment to develop a regular routine.

Tony Carson says: “I am now on week 8 and feel like i am just starting to understand my voice like never before. Most happy indeed.”

The program offers many helpful insights into how voice works, which in my opinion is a crucial component of the vocal skill development process. A singer needs to comprehend “whys” and “hows” in order to progress. The singing training is delivered through various media – videos, audio recordings and written texts, which enhances understanding of singing concepts and skills. I believe that the “Superior Singing Manual” brings great value to singers who want to understand underlying concepts involved in singing.

Alixandrea says: “Hmm, kinda goofy and rather cute, think I’m really going to enjoy running through this course with you Aaron! ;-)”

Aaron Anastasi is a young vocal coach who may seem approachable especially to young singers. His way of teaching is relaxed and informal. His explanations are not scientific but rather casual. He does not use words that you would not understand. Every time, he introduces a new term, he explains it and gives some examples. He is easy to understand even for complete beginners who never took any singing lessons.

Another advantage of this online program is its excellent customer support, which I needed at one point in time. My problem was solved efficiently and fast to my full satisfaction. I even got some additional products for free!

The Cons of Superior Singing Program

In my opinion, the video content does not give you enough theory for complete understanding of demonstrated skills. I believe that some understanding of the structures and functions of the vocal mechanism and some insights into own vocal instrument enhances vocal training.

However, as I mentioned previously, the “Superior Singing Manual” is a good supplement to the program explaining many singing concepts in details, so make sure to read it (maybe even before you start with singing exercises).

I wish that Aaron gave more time to advanced techniques and provided more detailed explanations, examples and guidance in the later modules. Therefore, I think the program is suitable for beginners.

Lastly, I think that a demonstration of Aaron’s singing skills in the form of a video or audio would be a great addition to the program to show his students what they may be able to achieve with his Superior Singing Method.

My Final Verdict

I recommend this program to new singers as I believe it’s good value for money.

It is currently one of the cheapest comprehensive programs available online (offering over 40 videos, 31 audio files and written documents).

As I said previously, the most valuable part are the downloadable audio files and the “Superior Singing Manual”.

I feel that it is a good systematic approach for new singers and beginners who are introduced to basic concepts in singing through this training. There is sufficient amount of information and practical demonstrations of vocal exercises that can start off anyone on the way to better singing. The program’s structure helps new singers develop routines through which they can improve their vocal skills.

If you think that this program is good for you and you are interested in purchasing this program, visit the official website:

Superior Singing Method official website

This link will take you to the sales page where you watch a sales video. After you watch the entire sales video, you will be presented with two options to purchase the program: three payments of $39.95 US or one time payment of $ 97.00 US.

Tip: if you want to skip the video, click on the Superior Singing Method logo at the top of the sales page, which will take you to a more traditional sales page. There you can watch a short video with Aaron (you don’t have to), read about the benefits of the program, read testimonials or even sign up for a free singing lesson video. On this page, you can click a green button to purchase the program – this will take you to yet another page with more information about the program and a yellow purchase button.

If you are not ready to jump in, you can sign up for a free singing video (see the tip above). Before the launch of the new website, you could even sing up for 10 mini-lessons sent to you via e-mail on a regular basis. These mini-lessons were taken from the actual Superior Singing Method program so you could get a taste of Aaron’s approach. However, this option is not longer available.

To get a taste of Aaron’s teaching style, here are a couple of free videos:



If you are ready, don’t wait and start learning how to sing better.

Continue reading the second part of my review of Superior Singing Method: Vocal Coaching Club.


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