Your Body, Your Voice by Theodore Dimon

Today, I would like to share my opinion about a book I read and I believe is a valuable source of information for singers.

Your Body, Your Voice.
The Key to Natural Singing and Speaking.

By Theodore Dimon

Theodore Dimon is the founder of The Dimon Institute in New York City, and he is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology at the Columbia University in New York. He dedicated his life to research and teaching how body and mind work. He worked on “Your Body, Your Voice” for over 30 years. As a graduate student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, he became interested in the subject of human voice. Since then, he has been exploring the topic in research and his teachings.

In this book, Theodore Dimon explains how the voice works as a part of a total system of our body. Throughout the book, he frequently reminds us that focusing on only one or a few parts of the vocal mechanism in vocal training is unproductive and will not develop voice to its full potential. In 13 chapters, he explains how separate components (such as breathing, posture, placement, voice production in the larynx and more) of a vocal mechanism need to work together to achieve healthy, effective and flexible sound. He uses fantastic illustrations to document how all the components are interconnected. He gives details of how we misuse our body and vocal mechanism and offers helpful methods for reestablishing its natural function. He also offers instructions on how to achieve a full coordination of all the parts needed to produce a pure sung tone. Although, Theodore Dimon does not focus on one specific technique nor does he offer a number of vocal exercises, he explains into details what constitutes effortless vocal production reminding us to view human voice as a complex system involving the whole body.

I recommend this book for singers of every level as I believe that the knowledge presented in this book together with excellent illustrative pictures will enhance your understanding of vocal mechanism functioning as a whole.

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