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Do you know if you are breathing correctly when singing?

Download a free breathing checklist and find out what you are good at and what needs improvement. Improve your singing by transforming your breathing technique. 

Do you run out of breath, have pitch problems, strain when singing, have little power or stamina, lack richness, have difficulty with range or breaks? 

All these problems can be rooted in poor breathing technique when singing. 

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Breathing for Singing: Resource Guide

The way you breathe during singing can have a great impact on the quality of your singing voice.

This free resource page offers everything you need to know about breathing for singing: from the basics about the body structures participating in breathing to proper breathing techniques for singing and exercises for developing good breath control for singing.

How to improve singing? Start learning about what it takes to breathe efficiently for singing.

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Finally, a Facebook group for singers that focuses on breathing and singing. Join this amazing group of singers of all levels from all over the world. We just started the group but it is growing every day.

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The Ultimate Breathing Quiz for Singers

Ten Questions to Help You Discover and Unlock Your True Singing Potential

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Do You Know If You Breathe Properly? Breathing Techniques for Singing

You want to know how to have a better singing voice. Start with learning more about your instrument – your body. Do you know if you are breathing efficiently when singing? Do you know if you are doing it right. In this blog post, I outlined a simple 5-step process that will help you discover what you are good at and what is holding you back from singing with ease and confidence.

Benefits of Singing: Sing Your Way to Health and Happiness

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of singing? You sing just for yourself and it makes you smile. You sing in the shower and you feel excited about your bathroom performance. You sing along to the radio while driving to work and you feel energized. Why is it? What causes these feelings?

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Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

“Can anyone learn to sing?” That is the question, as Shakespeare would say. This question has been and will be asked million times. Have you ever wondered if YOU can learn to sing? Find your answer here. You may be suprised what you find out.

How to Breathe When Singing:
Most Common Questions about Breathing and Singing Answered

Many singers, new and experienced, ask me questions about breathing for singing. Questions such as “How to breathe when singing”,“How to strengthen diaphragm for singing” or “Should I breathe through the nose or the mouth”. 

In this blog post, I answered 16 of those questions. If you have a question about breathing and singing, you will find your answer on this page. 

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Breathing and Singing: 13 Myths about Breathing Busted

In pursue of how to be a better singer, many people unintentionally build their knowledge and skills on myths about breathing and singing. No wonder, misconceptions are everywhere around us! In this blog post, I am busting 13 very common myths about breathing for singing. For example “You need to work hard to get the air in” or “The diaphragm ‘supports’ the sound.” Find out if you are building your vocal skills on truths or lies. 

Anatomy of Breathing for Singers Made Easy

Anatomy scares some people, including singers. But how do you want to improve your voice if you don’t know what your instrument looks and works like? In this blog post, I am going over some anatomy and physiology of breathing. But don’t worry. I made it as easy as possible.

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Breathing For Singing: Why Do I Need to Learn This?

We take our first breath at birth and since that moment, we breathe without paying too much attention to it. Day in and day out. So why on earth do we need to “learn to breathe for singing”? Some people will even try to convince you that a singer does not need to learn correct breathing for singing. They say, “It will come naturally.”

But don’t be fooled. It will not come naturally. Find out why.

51 Singing Quotes That Inspire the Singer In You

I often post inspirational quotes for singers on my Facebook page. Quotes about practice, change, growth, confidence and many more topics. 

In this blog post, I compiled 51 of the best quotes that will truly inspire the best singer in you.

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Vocal Health: An Ultimate Guide

Vocal health is something that many people take for granted. And singers are also included in this group of people. We use our voices on a daily basis but only a few of us really know how to take good care of the vocal cords.

Usually, we start looking for information about vocal hygiene, common voice problems and quick remedies once it is too late. Learn how to care for your voice.