Best Singing Apps for Aspiring Singers

In today’s blog post I am going to share a few of my favourite apps for singers.

Every day, I am amazed at what today’s technology can do for us – hear and “understand” our commands, track our steps, find lost items, recognize music and songs, connect with like-minded people, explain hard-to-grasp concepts in an easy manner, teach us languages in a fun way and much more.

I have to admit though that technology is a double-edged sword.

It’s amazingly helpful in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago.

At the same time, it’s very easy to lose yourself and track of time on “devices” and fall behind.

It is necessary to be very selective in the use of technology and not forget that the “real” world is still the best.

This blog post aims to save you some time when pursuing useful apps for singers.

I have been using all of the apps mentioned in this article as I find them very helpful, entertaining, and sometimes even indispensable.

All these apps cover a whole range of purposes – improve vocal technique, widen knowledge, discover songs and music, share the art of singing with the world, and encourage aspiring singers to sing more.

I believe these apps are the best apps out there for aspiring singers.

All of the described apps are iPad or iPhone apps for singers.

However, some of these apps also have an android version.

So if you are using android devices, check their availability. 

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Apps to Improve Vocal Technique

The three following applications are good for singers who do not accompany themselves on the piano when practicing singing.

It is a convenient way to practice scales and improve vocal skills.  

Voice Tutor by Impack Production

Price: $4.99 US This is an interesting app that helps you diagnose challenges in your own singing.

After you identify your type of sound production (tense, breathy, cracking, or connected), the app will provide appropriate vocal exercises built around a specific vocal need.

Each exercise comes with a description and a short audio demo.

For more advanced singers, the app offers some riff and run exercise.

One section is devoted to simple breathing exercises.

This app is good for practicing your vocal skills on the go.

It offers a range of exercises to cover your needs. best singing apps

Voice Tutor – Impack Productions

Singer’s Friend Lite and Singer’s Friend by Robert Lumpkins

Price: The lite version is free, the paid version costs $4.59 US.

This is a very simple but effective app with a range of vocal exercises. 

This app is a simple tool for practicing singing.

There are common scales to accompany you during vocal practice.

The paid version has 16 common scales to choose from.

The vocal range is adjustable (bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo-soprano and soprano).

Also the tempo is adjustable so you can practice slower when you are starting or faster when you are working on your agility.

The pitch currently playing is displayed so you can track specific parts of your range. best singing apps

Singing Vocal Warm Ups – Singer’s Friend – Robert Lumpkins

Karaoke App

StarMaker by Starmaker Interactive Inc.

Price: free, possible in-app purchases

This app is a combination of karaoke and a social sharing app.

It gives you access to many free songs (from several music genres) and you can sing along.

At the same time, you can record your voice and make a video that you can publish for others to see and hear (you can also choose not to if you are not ready to share your performance).

This is a good way to get exposed and get some feedback.

The app allows you to auto-tune the sound, which helps to make the vocal performance even better.

There are on-going competitions, to which you can submit some of your videos and be judged by a community of singers like you or even be discovered as a potential “star”.

You earn “stars” by singing more and better, which gives you access to more music.

Alternately, you can buy access to all of the songs in the StarMaker catalog (there is a weekly or monthly fee).

This is a great app for karaoke parties – have fun singing with your friends, record yourself and make music videos.

I like this app for several reasons: first, you can practice actual songs (you can choose to turn the leading voice on or off depending on your comfort zone).

Second, it is a good app to record singing.

Hearing your recorded voice is an important part of recognizing the areas of your vocal development that need more practice.

Finally, you can get feedback from other users once you are ready to share your performance. starmaker StarMaker: Sing + Video + Auto-Tune – Starmaker Interactive Inc.

Educational Apps

Theory Lessons by  

Price: $2.99 US

This is a simple app bringing you basic music theory in a convenient package that you can take with you anywhere you go.

It starts with basics such as note duration, rhythm and meter, scales and key signature and ends with more complicated topics such as chord progressions and Neapolitan chords.

Each lesson takes you through a series of steps in order to understand the concepts.

Graphics and audio examples help in understanding music theory that every singer should know.  

Theta Music Trainer by Theta Music Technologies Inc.

Price: free version or subscription option

I have written about this app before.

I love it because you train your musical ear in a fun way!

Read my previous blog post about the Theta Music Trainer website and their app.

I fully recommend it to those who want to improve their listening skills.

Other Apps

Sound Hound by SoundHound Inc.  

Price: $6.99 US

This app amazes me every time I use it!

Therefore I had to include it on my list of favourite apps.

The Sound Hound app recognizes a song currently playing and displays the name of the song and the artist.

It also shows you the lyrics so you can sing along!

So if you hear a song playing on the radio but you don’t know the name of the song or the artist, just touch the Sound Hound button and know immediately what is playing.

Or sing along with the displayed lyrics!

How convenient!

The app also gives you an option to search for songs and music.

You can buy music from iTunes through this app or you can just watch Youtube videos of the song (original or karaoke versions).

This is definitely useful for singing practice. Soundhound SoundHound ∞ – SoundHound, Inc.

The most amazing part is that the app will recognize a song by simple humming or singing a part of the tune.

You can have the best parties playing guessing games with songs!

A fun and useful app!  

Let’s stop here. I still have a few more apps for singing on my iPhone and iPad that I like to use but I will write about them some other time.

There are so many more useful apps for singers that I have not discovered or explored yet. 

Do you use any apps for singing?

What are the best singing apps in your opinion?

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