How to Improve Singing Voice: Breathing for Singing 101

Everyone knows that breathing is very important for singing.

Everyone knows it but not everyone does it.

Why?breathing for singing

I believe that there two main reasons (or excuses?) why most singers do not take time to learn proper breathing technique for singing.

First, they are not really sure how to properly breathe for singing.

Second, they do not have time to do it.

(Well, there is also a third reason: the breathing exercises for singing are not particularly exciting! Who wants to practice boring stuff?)

This collection of blog posts, videos and infographics will help you eliminate the first reason.

On this page, you will find information and links to blog posts that explain everything you need to know about breathing for singing: from basic anatomy and physiology to tips and exercises to develop good breathing technique.

How to improve your singing?

Find the time to learn more about proper breathing for singing, discover the sensations, explore your breath, and develop skills needed for controlled breath support when singing.

It is worth it!

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anatomy of breathing for singers made easy blog post

Anatomy of Breathing for Singers Made Easy

In this article, I am going over basic anatomy and physiology of breathing. But don’t worry. I made it as simple as possible.

Anatomy may not be the most exciting subject but every singer needs to get a clear idea what their instrument looks and works like. And that is exactly what I did in this article.

I introduced some basic concepts that will help you visualize your breathing mechanism and its role during singing. Nothing more and nothing less. 

Of course, I added lots of pictures. So check it out and click here for Anatomy of Breathing for Singers Made Easy.

breathing for singing why is breathing for singing important

Breathing for Singing: Why Do I Need to Learn This?

Do you know that the way you breathe in has a great impact on your singing tone?

Do you know that there are many more muscles involved in breathing for singing than just a diaphragm?

Finally, do you know that probably the greatest benefit of proper breathing technique is the ability to sing without tension?

Some time ago, I put together a blog post about most effective singing tips for beginners. In it, I asked 35 renowned vocal coaches and teachers what singing tip has had the greatest impact on their students’ vocal development.

Guess what?

More than one third of them referred to proper breathing for singing. Surprising? Not really.

(Click the link to read the blog post with fantastic tips for beginners.)

If your singing voice is flat, breathy, strained, weak, uneven or you have trouble controlling it, look at your breathing technique. You may find some answers there.

The article Breathing for Singing: Why Do I Need to Learn This? explains how breathing affects your singing tone. It also clarifies how breathing for singing is different from breathing at rest. It names all the benefits that come with well-developed breath support while singing.

Click here to learn more.

How to sing well - singing posture

How to Sing Well: Singing Posture

Good breathing technique goes hand-in-hand with good singing posture.

If your body is misaligned, then your ability to breathe will be off too. If your body posture is optimal, then the conditions for singing will also be optimal.

The answer to a question such as how to get a better singing voice can be as simple as: improve your posture.

The problem is that most of us forgot what good body alignment looks and feels like. We sit more, we move less, our backs hurt, and our shoulders are hunched over. These bad habits that we have acquired over our lives interfere with the body’s natural intentions when breathing and singing.

This blog post offers a summary of what good singing posture is and how to maintain it. Plus an infographic summarizing the most important information.

Don’t skip it.

Click here to learn more.

breathing technique for singing do you know if you breathe properly

Do You Know If You Breathe Properly?
Breathing Techniques for Singing

You are a smart singer and you know that breathing efficiently when singing is an essential skill for powerful and easy singing. “Breathe from the diaphragm” or “use your breath support” are common pieces of advice that you have heard before. Everyone talks about breathing while singing.

But how do you know if you are doing it correctly?

How to breathe properly when singing?

How can you tell if your breathing skills are not holding you back from singing with ease?

In this article, I am going to show you how to assess your breathing and singing, how to listen to your voice for clues and how to observe your body to discover signs of good breathing technique for singing.

Click here to learn more.

how to sing from your diaphragm blog post

How to Sing from Your Diaphragm?

This is probably the most commonly asked question among singers.

How many times have you been told to sing from your diaphragm? My guess is more than once. But many singers don’t know how to sing from the diaphragm.

This article lays it all out.

The phrase “singing from diaphragm” is not the best representation of what is really happening in our body during singing. In this blog post, I explained the process of inhalation and exhalation and the role of the diaphragm during these two phases.

After you are done reading the blog post, you will have a clear idea what to do when someone tells you to sing from your diaphragm. Or will you?

Click here to learn more.

breathing techniques for singing

Breathing Techniques for Singing

Do you know if you are breathing correctly or not?

What does it look like when you inhale?

What does it feel like when you have good breath support?

In this blog post, I returned to basics and I answered similar questions. The goal of this article is to give you a comprehensive picture so that you can assess whether you breathe in an optimal way for singing or not.

I also shared a technique for establishing good posture that is the starting point for developing good breath support. Then, I described in detail what breathing looks and feels like. Finally, I explained what it means to “suspend your breath”.

Click here to learn more.

360 ring of breath breathing exercises for singers blog post

The 360 Ring of Breath: Breathing Exercises for Singing

Let’s do some breathing exercises.

More specifically, let’s look at every little movement that is required for effortless inhalation. This blog post names all the body parts that participate in creating sufficient, silent and effortless breath for powerful singing. I also share step-by-step exercises to explore, discover and practice inhalation. So go ahead and have fun!

Click here to learn more. 

breathing exercises for singers

Breathing Exercises for Singers

This is where all the fun begins!

In this blog post, I introduced some very specific breathing exercises to explore the sensations and develop skills for singing. It may not be a rocket science but including these types of exercises into daily singing practice may improve your overall singing skills. 

How to improve your singing? Check out the eight very concrete step-by-step exercises to work on your breath support for singing.

Click here to learn more.

breathing and singing: 13 myths about breathing busted

Breathing and Singing:
13 Myths about Breathing Busted

I often receive questions about breathing and singing from my readers.

Many of these questions show that singers are often in the dark on the topic of breathing and singing. They often do not have a clear picture of what breathing looks and feels like during singing.

My goal for this blog post is to get a better understanding of what is going on in your body during singing so that you can build your singing skills with proper technique.

In this blog post, I am busting 13 very common myths about breathing for singing. For example “You need to work hard to get the air in” or “The diaphragm ‘supports’ the sound.”

So click here to read more.

how to breathe when singing

How to Breathe When Singing:
Most Common Questions about Breathing and Singing Answered

Do you have questions about breathing for singing?

In this article, I answered 16 very common questions about breathing and singing. And I bet your question might be amongst them. 

Questions such as “How to breathe when singing”,“How do I improve my breathing” or “Should I breathe through the nose or the mouth” are covered. 

When I went to school, a friend of mine was constantly asking questions in all our classes. First, it was annoying. But then I realized that it was very convenient to sit beside someone who asks all the right questions.

My friend inspired me to write this blog post and I hope you will find it handy too.

Click here to access the article.

dos and donts of breathing for singing blog post

Dos and Don’ts of Breathing for Singing

Breathing for singing. A puzzling subject …

Is it really necesarry to learn how to breathe when singing?

Or is it a skill that just appears one day?

Is it a skill that solves all singer’s problems?

How do I really breathe correctly when singing?

There are hundreds of questions one may ask when it comes to the topic of breathing for singing. To guide you through this maze, I prepared an infographic with some important dos and dont’s of breathing for singing.

Click here to read more.

singing from diaphragm picture

YouTube Videos About Breathing for Singing

How to Sing from Diaphragm – Breathing for Singing

In this video, I answered a burning question: “How to sing from your diaphragm?” This phrase does not do any justice to what is really happening in a singer’s body when singing. I also showed exactly what the diaphragm is doing during inhalation and exhalation. And I dispelled some myths about diaphragmatic breathing (because I like to do that).

How to Sing from Your Diaphragm – 8 Common Myths about Breathing Busted!

In this video, I clarified eight very common myths about breathing for singing. The phrase “sing from your diaphragm” is often used among singers and it’s even more often misunderstood. So I explained why these misconceptions do not make sense. I also explained what is really happening in your body when you sing.

How To Get a Better Singing Voice In 4 Steps

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