Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

“Can anyone learn to sing?”
that is the question, as Shakespeare would say.

This question has been and will be asked million times.

Have you ever wondered why people ask this question?

Why are you looking for an answer to this question?can anyone learn to sing

New singers often dwell on this question and they wonder if they ever become better at the art of singing. Beginners, who are about to take up singing, are trying to figure out if they are wasting time or not. Singers with some experience sometimes question their ability to get really good at singing.

So the question “Can anyone learn to sing?” surfaces in singers’ minds over and over again.

In my opinion, answering this question is the first won battle on the way to better singing. If you can believe that you CAN improve your vocal skills, then you WILL improve.

Simple as that!

In this blog post, let’s take a different approach to this question.

Let us consider the reasons why people think they cannot learn to sing.

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Singing is Like Drawing

Now, try to go back to your childhood: when we were kids, we were all singing and drawing happily (sometimes both at the same time).

I remember singing together with my sister with pretend microphones in our hands and acting out a song like we were on a stage.

Children respond very naturally when they are asked to sing or draw – they just join in! They enjoy singing and drawing because they use their imagination and creativity and they experience positive emotions through these activities.

can anyone learn to sing

But somewhere along the way, people stop singing and drawing! Why???

Because they become self-conscious.

Maybe someone told them that their singing or drawing was not “that good”.

Or they just compared themselves to others (very often they choose the best vocalists to compare themseves to!).

People stop enjoying these activities and they even convince themselves that they are not good at it or that these activities are not necessary in their lives.

I cannot recall when I stopped to sing and why. But I did.

As we grow older, we think that singing and drawing is for the talented people only. We think that it’s not appropriate to sing in front of others or produce art for others to see. So we lose the connections with our innate programs and we do not develop them further.

We fall into a vicious circle.

But we all respond to the “Happy Birthday” song in the same way – we join in and we sing – whether we “can” sing or not.


False Perceptions

So why don’t we all join in singing and let go of our preconceptions?

In today’s society, singing is not seen as an enriching activity but more as a talent that is constantly judged publicly, like on reality TV shows.

There, talented singers are put under public scrutiny. These shows create an environment where singing is viewed as all or nothing – there is only one winner who can produce the most beautiful sound.

Another reason is that we listen to songs that were produced in studios with amazing technology that can make our voices sound almost unnatural. Trying to recreate such sounds outside of recording studios can be an impossible task.

Many new singers do not realize this fact and they often give up in defeat.

can anyone learn to sing

We often hear: “If you are not the best, then don’t even try”. Therefore, many people think that having a good singing voice means you are Beyonce or Michael Jackson. And if they cannot achieve that level, they should not try.

This is a false representation that stops many aspiring singers from trying.

You need to realize that what stops you are unrealistic ideas about singing and what it should sound like.

Here is one more problem:

It may be very uncomfortable to learn to sing – a very vulnerable place to go.

Every singer, including the best ones, knows this feeling.

I feel exposed too when singing.

During singing, we are displaying our weaknesses, insecurities and mistakes. We are asked to do things that we have not done before and definitely not in front of other people. So it feels awkward and vulnerable.

Many people are so self-conscious to make a mistake that they don’t even allow themselves to try.

I hope you are not one of them.


Singing Is for Everyone

My mission here is to show my readers – to show YOU – that singing is for everyone.

Singing is not only good for you (as many recent research studies show) but it is an enjoyable activity that can be done individually or in groups. Singing can be fun one way or the other.

I don’t know who said this but I love this quote: “Singing badly in a group is a great fun.”

I could not agree more!

I am not saying that you should not try to get better. I am saying this:

Instead of paying attention to the level of your singing skills, focus on the benefits of singing.

Focus on how singing feels to you.

You will discover that you CAN sing and that you CAN LEARN to sing even better.

Forget what people say about your singing. Don’t judge yourself. Just try.

To finish my life story – I brought singing (and drawing) back into my life by changing my attitudes and through positive thinking later in my adulthood. I believe that I can learn to sing better and better every day.


singing myth - you cannot learn to sing if you are not born with a talent

Singing Myth

Can Anyone Learn to Sing?

As I am writing this article, my 12 year old son walks into the room and sees the title: Can anyone learn to sing?

His response: “It’s quite obvious!”

So I explain to him that it is not as obvious to some people as he might think. His innocence tells him otherwise. He seems puzzled and I hope that he will never lose his belief that singing is a skill that can be learned by anyone.


In summary, I believe that everyone can sing if he or she decides to.

So the questions should really be: “Can anyone sing with practice?” or “Can anyone sing well?”

Learning to sing well requires a few tricks of the trade like any other area of life. If you want to be good at something, you need to put some hours into it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that anyone can be the next singing star. But everyone can improve. Everyone can learn to sing well.

I like this quote: “Talent is the ability to put one’s mind to one’s practice and has nothing to do with being born with a gift.” It says it all.


Can You Learn to Sing?

Can you relate?

Do you feel vulnerable when singing?

Do you doubt yourself and your skills?

Do you believe that you can sing?

What stops you?

Are you confident?

Are you able to improve your singing?

Can you learn to sing?

I think that only YOU can find the best answer to this question.


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Can anyone learn to sing?