Easy Beatles Songs to Sing for Beginners

In this blog post, I am going to name some of my favourite Beatles songs that also meet the criteria of easy songs to sing.

The Beatles music is an unprecedented phenomenon born in 1960 when “the Fab Four” formed probably the most influential music band in history.

The Beatles have changed music and the music industry in many different ways that we may not even realize.

They created hundreds of songs that became instant sensation, led top music charts for a long time, sold in millions of copies and won highest awards.

The same songs are still influencing musicians 50 years later. The band lasted for only 10 years but their legacy will live forever (this is a cliché but it is true in this case).

easy Beatles songs to sing

I grew up with the Beatles, even though “the music of the western world” was not favoured in the country where I lived as a youngster.

Their music somehow found a way into every part of the world regardless of its political constitution.

I remember listening to Beatles songs as a teenager and singing some of their songs at camp fires together with my friends.

The Beatles were amazing song writers and composers. They experimented with all aspects of song creation and production, which often made it difficult for others to make cover versions.

In today’s blog post, let’s focus on songs that are relatively easy to sing, even for new and aspiring singers.

abbey road sign

What makes a song easy to sing?

  • Easy melody without large intervals
  • A range of an octave or less
  • Notes that are within the singer’s comfortable range
  • Accompaniment that plays the lead singer’s melody
  • Lyrics that are easy to remember and pronounce
  • Lyrics that you can relate to
  • A simple rhythm

The following song suggestions meet these criteria, although some songs may be more challenging than others. Some of these songs may even qualify as easy Beatles songs to play on guitar or piano. To find out more about what makes a song easy to sing, read my previous blog post Easy Songs to Sing for Beginners.

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My List of Easy Beatles Songs to Sing

(Click on the links to hear the preview of the songs in iTunes.)

1. Eleanor Rigby – 1

One of my favourite Beatles songs, Eleanor Rigby, is unconventional in several ways.

This song has remarkable lyrics talking about the isolation of older people and has a sad ending.

Apparently, the real Eleanor Rigby lived a similar life to the one described in the song. Eleanor Rigby dies in this song, creating a sad mood.

This was unusual for songs of that era and a departure from the Beatles’ usual love songs.

From the musical point of view, the song is also unconventional.

The band members did not play their instruments in this song. Instead, the accompaniment is played by 8 string instruments.

The range of the song is about one octave with the highest notes occurring in the chorus.

2. Blackbird – The Beatles (White Album)

It may seem that this song is about a black bird with a broken wing but actually, Blackbird is a symbolic song about the struggle of black people in the southern states.

The musical accompaniment was inspired by a classical piece by Bach.

The instruments included in this song are guitar, vocals, recording of a birdsong and tapping.

The range of this song is a little bit over one octave.

3. Hey Jude – 1

Hey Jude is not the easiest song to sing because it’s range is two octaves but I had to include it here as this is my all time favourite.

Most of the song is sung within a much smaller range and there is only one place in the chorus where the highest notes are sung. However, this part of the song can be adapted to a singer’s skills.

Apparently, this song also qualifies as one of easy Beatles songs on piano.

This song was originally called “Hey Jules”, and was written by Paul McCartney to console Lennon’s son Julian during the time of his parents’ divorce.

It’s one of the longest Beatles songs – 7 minutes long with its coda lasting four minutes. It starts with beautiful leading vocals and piano accompaniment. The coda is played by an orchestra.

4. Here Comes the Sun – Abbey Road

This uplifting and positive song was written by George Harrison, reportedly in Eric Clapton’s garden. Harrison was inspired by sunny weather after a long and cold winter.

Harrison also sang the lead vocals and played acoustic guitar. The song has a beautiful melody and a range of less than one octave.

5. Here, There and Everywhere – Revolver

In my opinion, this song is underrated.

I love its slow and easy melody.

The range is one and a half octaves but there are only a few low and high notes that are not sustained, which makes it easier to sing.

It’s a lovely love song inspired by Paul McCartney’s girlfriend.

6. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da – The Beatles (White Album)

This is a fast and fun song with some interesting lyrics.

If you are wondering what “ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, bra” means, it was an expression used by a Nigerian conga player, a friend of Paul McCartney.

The last verse of the song goes “Desmond stays at home and does his pretty face”, rather than Molly, which was reportedly a mistake made by Paul McCartney. But this mistake was kept because the other members of the Beatles liked it.

It’s a fast paced song with an easy melody and a range of one octave.

7. The Fool On the Hill – The Beatles 1967-1970 (The Blue Album)

Can you believe that this song did not become a hit?

It’s another of my most favourite Beatles songs.

The lyrics have a deep meaning and are still relevant today. It’s about a man who is believed to be a fool by others, but who is actually wise.

This is a slow song with a beautiful melody and a range of one octave.

8. Something – 1

A very sincere and sweet song by George Harrison, probably his most famous song.

This song was sung by many artists, including Frank Sinatra, who reportedly said that it’s “the greatest love song ever written”.

The range is one octave but most of the song is sung within a half octave range.

So if you are looking for easy love songs to sing, this is your pick.

I hope this list of easy Beatles songs to sing has helped you find the song you are going to sing at your next jam session.

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