100+ Myths about Singing Techniques, Vocal Practice, and More

There are a lot of myths about singing! Way too many!

I come across these myths on a regular basis. I read them in some forums for singers on the Internet and I hear them from people around me.

Many good-hearted people like to share their understanding of singing techniques, vocal practice, vocal health, voice anatomy and other related topics.

They do not realize that their advice contains myths that can even be harmful, like the classic myth: “push for high notes”. Some of these myths are harmless, like “honey coats your vocal cords”. But some can be discouraging, for example telling a new singer that he “will never learn to sing because he does not have talent”. Some myths reflect inadequate knowledge about the vocal mechanism and singing techniques, such as “the diaphragm is active on both inhale and exhale”. And some myths hinder progress by spreading lies about vocal practice.

So let’s debunk some of these vocal myths, lies and misconceptions.

I have collected over 100 vocal myths. They are categorized into several sections. Read them all or jump to a specific section by clicking on the links below. The truth is exposed underneath the pictures.

100+ myths about singing techniques blog post

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Section 1

Myths about Breathing for Singing

Section 2

Myths about Singing Techniques

Section 3

Myths about Diet for Singers

Section 4

Myths about Vocal Practice

Section 5

Myths about the Anatomy and Physiology of Singing

Section 6

Myths about Vocal Health

Section 7

Other Myths about Singing

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This concludes the list of 100+ vocal myths. Did I miss anything?

If you come across a myth about vocal practice, singing techniques, vocal health or any related topic, let me know through my Facebook page. I would love to hear from you!

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Happy singing!