Singing Quotes of 2014

Before I share 43 singing quotes with you, let me tell you a story.

It is hard to believe that it’s been a year since I started my Facebook page “Katarina’s Singing Room”.

The beginnings were difficult. I had to learn everything from scratch: how to publish a cover photo and a profile picture, how to comment on a link, how to schedule posts, how to reach people who share the same passion and how to turn them into fans (by the way, the word “fans” is an official term that Facebook uses for people who follow a particular Facebook page). I started with zero followers but slowly attracted a fantastic group of fans. I was excited about every new fan who liked my page. I was extremely excited when “my fans” shared or commented on my posts.

The content started with some simple written posts and a few videos. Then I added pictures I created myself, linked to my blog posts … I scheduled some regular content such as the question of the week, lyrics of the week and quote of the week. It seemed that my fans engaged most with these posts.

In this blog post, I have published all of the singing quotes that I had put on my Facebook page in 2014 in chronological order. I searched high and low for these singing quotes and I can relate to every one of them. I quickly found that these quotes also touched many of you.

So here is the recap of 2014:

My very first singing quote was published in December 2013 when I first created the page. It did not have any followers at that time. The quote was published as a simple text with no picture. I was learning the ropes. Understandably, the quote did not get any attention so I am going to publish it again here:

“The real singer is the one who gives you something that you take home with you and it sets up a vibration going in you. It speaks to your heart or your soul when it is troubled or dark. It makes it happy.” by Margaret Harshaw, who was a famous opera singer and a vocal teacher.

It took a few months to establish a regular Friday quote of the week. February started with a couple of quotes to inspire singers. The second quote by Yip Harburg got the first like and share.

singing quotes 2014singing quotes 2014

















In March, I cited Bob Marley, John Lennon, Plato and Marilyn Penland. Plato’s quote got 20 likes and 6 shares.

singing quotes 2014     singing quotes 2014

singing quotes 2014

singing quotes 2014

I started April with a quote by Ella Fitzgerald, which was liked by many fans (28 likes, 12 shares and 1 comment). I really like this quote and so do many other people who share a passion for singing. From this moment, fans continued to like, share and comment on my singing quote posts.

singing quotes 2014

Two more practical quotes about singing in April found their fans too.

singing quotes 2014

swedish proverb

In May, I published five singing quotes, including some of my favourites like the one below by Jarod Kintz. It makes me smile …

singing quotes 2014

Here are three more singing quotes from May:

singing quotes 2014

Outside the comfort zone is where the magic happens

14-Music is a safe kind of high

When I published this quote by Neil Diamond, I asked my fans what songs represent their life. I got some very interesting answers: Angry Young Man by Billy Joel, Wonderful World, Amazing Grace, Everybody Hurts by R.E.M., Amazing by Aerosmith, Story of My Life by One Direction and an album by Yes. Talk about diversity!

singing quotes 2014

Quotes by Paul McCartney, Picasso, Bono and Jimmy Hendrix came out in June.

One of my fans, Rick, commented on the quote by Paul McCartney: “Me too….thinking of a chord progression that I’ve never used before then changing up a rhythm connection and first thing ya know….music just happens.”

15-Paul McCartney

quote by Picasso

quote by Bono

quote by Jimmy Hendrix

July brought four singing quotes. Bob Dylan’s quote made some fans admit that the stage is where they are meant to be, like Carole’s comment: I sing to bring pleasure to people. Therefore, if I can put a smile on someone’s face, or invoke a special moment in their lifetime with a song, then that stage is exactly where I am meant to be.”

quote by Bob Dylan

quote about comform and growth

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans

I am a perpetual student so I had to publish this quote:

You are never too old to learn

In August, we took a music bath, we kept on singing, we sang the whole time someone was at home and we did not worry about our voices sounding perfect, and we also took courage to create with the following five quotes related to singing.

Take a music bath once or twice a week

And oh I want so much to sing

quote by Dumdum

quote by Lucinda Williams

Creativity takes courage

September was dedicated to some classics. As for the songs that bring back 1000 memories, the fans quoted these: Those Were the Days by Mary Hopkin, Seasons In the Sun by Terry Jacks, Woman by Shawn Phillips, New Love by Michael Bolton, Two Of Us from the “Let It Be” album to bring back memories of childhood, teenage years, college, friends, love … 

all it  takes is one song to bring back 1000 memories

quote by bb king

talent, practice, passion

October reminded us of friends who can sing back the words you have forgotten followed by gypsy wisdom. Many fans were excited about the quote when singing keeps getting easier (many singers know this feeling!). Then Shakespeare shared his wisdom of music and love. Finally, October finished with a quote about pitfalls common to all singers. And many fans could relate! That was a fun one.

quote about friends

Gypsy Proverb

I love when singing keeps getting easier

quote by Shakespeare

quote by horace

In November, I was reminded by the young generation that I may be getting old. Later that month, we discussed perfection and creativity.

if the music is too loud, you're too old

quote by Dali

quote about creativity

This November quote proved again that in spite of sharing a common passion for singing, we all listen to different music and therefore are different people. I loved the comments on this quote!

You are what do you listen to

In December, I finished up on a light note with some magic and metaphors. The last quote of 2014 by an anonymous writer is a suggestion about how to deal with difficult situations (I hope it made you smile).

quote by Churchill

life is like a piano

Music is the strongest form of magic

whenever i have a problem

My hope is that these singing quotes inspired and entertained you so you can keep on singing (more and more).

If you wish to be inspired by more singing quotes, visit my Facebook page “Katarina’s Singing Room”.

Happy singing!