51 Singing Quotes That Inspire the Singer in You

Are you looking for quotes that inspire the best singer in you?

51 Singing Quotes

As you may know, I have a Facebook page Katarina’s Singing Room, where people, like you and me, share ideas and tips for singers.

On a regular basis, I post inspirational singing quotes by famous and less famous people.

Quotes relevant to singers.

These posts are very popular and singers love them.

Therefore, I put a selection of them here on one page.

A great amount of inspiration on one page!!!

It’s true: many people love quotes and I love singing quotes!

A group of words that somehow resonate in us: words that make us think, act or change.

Which one is your favourite?

Singing Quote # 1

singing quotes

I don’t sing in the shower. I perform. What are your shower routines?

Singing Quote # 2

singing quotes

A long quote by Bob Dylan and many of you agreed.

Singing Quote # 3

singing quotes

Music – our dear companion.

Singing Quote # 4

4-Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf’s quote: “For me, singing is a way of escaping. It’s another world. I’m no longer on earth.” started a good conversation.

Singing Quote # 5

5-I love singing

Even fashion models, like Miranda Kerr, know the benefits of singing.

Singing Quote # 6

singing quotes

Singing is for any time, good or bad.

Singing Quote # 7

you can do anything quote

Action, perseverance and facing fears are needed to achieve anything in life. Right?

Singing Quote # 8

singing quotes

Classical singer, Thomas Hampson, shared his view: “We don’t present our voices to the audience, we resonate our souls.” 

Singing Quote # 9

Nana Mouskouri quote

Nana Mouskouri is a Greek singer, now 81 years old. 

Singing Quote # 10

Kurt Vonengut quote

So do it.

Singing Quote # 11

Ellen Johnson quote

Current president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, knows a lot about realizing dreams. 

Singing Quote # 12

Marcus Sam quote

Bravery and consistency are the key to success. Applies to singers too.

Singing Quote # 13

Take time quote

If singing makes you happy, take time to sing!

Singing Quote # 14

Make Muscles Not Excuses

A quote borrowed from the fitness niche. But it works for singers too.

Singing Quote # 15Don't be afraid quote

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try!” Failing is a part of every singing practice.

Singing Quote # 16creativity quote

Are you having fun?

Singing Quote # 17

confucius quote

Confucius was a wise man.

Singing Quote # 18

doubt quote

Don’t doubt, sing!

Singing Quote # 19

singing quotes

Emile Zola, a French novelist, lived out loud. How loud can you get?

Singing Quote # 20Love and music quote

Never try to figure out the mystery of music.

Singing Quote # 21

Sing like no one's listening

Of course! Sing like no one’s listening.

Singing Quote # 22

your voice is my favourite sound

Remind yourself every day that your voice is your favourite sound.

Singing Quote #23

Rumi quote

C’mon Birds, just sing!

Singing Quote # 24

dr.johnson quote

Another quote with the word “perseverance”.

Singing Quote # 25

S.Becket quote

Another quote with the word “fail”. Do you see the pattern?

Singing Quote # 26

Churchill quote

A quote that applies to singing practice. Sometimes, it feels like hell but that is not a reason to quit.

Singing Quote # 27

singing quotes

The time you enjoy singing is never ever a wasted time!

Singing Quote # 28

singing quotes

Sing and pray.

Singing Quote # 29

plato quote

Sould searching with Plato.

Singing Quote # 30

all progress takes place outside the comfort zone

Here is another repeating concept: “outside the comfort zone”.

Singing Quote # 31

confucius quote

Yes, I cannot do without music.

Singing Quote # 32

einstein quote

Interesting, one would think that Eistein thought in numbers. But he thought in music. 

Singing Quote # 33

singing quotes

… die singing.

Singing Quote # 34

Whitney Huston quote

Whitney Huston’s gimmick.

Singing Quote # 35

Gwen Stefani quote

Getting naked with Gwen Stefani. Singing is also a bit like getting naked.

Singing Quote # 36

Aretha Franklin quote

Soul in Aretha Franklin’s songs.

Singing Quote # 37

singing quotes

Sing wherever you are and wherever you go.

Singing Quote # 38

Andrea Bocelli quote

Singing and freedom.

Singing Quote # 39

Martin Luther quote

There will never be enough singing. So don’t stop!

Singing Quote # 40

singing quotes

Vocal cords are just a little part of the whole instrument.

Singing Quote # 41

Rumi quote

Rumi’s quote on a different picture. Some quotes are worth repeating again.

Singing Quote # 42

David Viscott quote

What is your gift? Are you sharing it?

Singing Quote # 43

singing quotes

Give life to your music.

Singing Quote # 44

singing quotes

Bathrooms are great practice rooms.

Singing Quote # 45

singing quotes

Struggle and progress go together.

Singing Quote # 46

Churchill quote

How often have you changed lately?

Singing Quote # 47

Mother Teresa quote

Start today, don’t put it off till tomorrow.

Singing Quote # 48

singing quotes

Fly in your dreams and sing during the day.

Singing Quote # 49

singing quotes

Chaos is a sign of change.

Singing Quote # 50

growth quote

Risk taking? Yes, it’s necessary.

Singing Quote # 51

Robin Sharma quote

If you think you are failing, remember this quote.


That’s a wrap: 51 singing quotes from last year. 

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